Rajen's current menu of 60- to 90-minute presentations include:

  • Building Your Financial Fortress (Rajen Devadason’s signature workshop)

  • Financial Planning Lessons from Buffett, Carnegie and Franklin

  • Financial Planning Lessons from Shakespeare, Dickens and Star Wars

  • How Financial Professionals Can Build Deeper Client Relationships

  • How To Go From Debt-Slave to Money Master in Less Time then YOU Ever Imagined

  • Ready, Steady, GOALS! How to Set Professional Goals You Will Still Care About in 10 Years

  • The 7-Step L-I-B-E-R-T-Y Blueprint (a simplified personal finance programme)

Rajen is also available for customised corporate presentations on personal retirement planning, dynamic financial planning, the relationship between time and money, life planning, time management, and increasing personal productivity.


Rajen Devadason’s CURRENT Speaking Fee Schedule (Updated April 2019)

 Location Programme Duration * Fee (RM)** Fee (USD) Expenses**
Malaysia Keynote 90 minutes 10,000   Speaking fees PLUS Business class airfare (except for Klang Valley, Malaysia events), hotel accommodation, meals and transportation.
Half-day Up to 4 hours 12,000  
Full-day Up to 8 hours 15,000  
Elsewhere in Southeast Asia Keynote 90 minutes   5,000
Half-day Up to 4 hours   5,000
Full-day Up to 8 hours   6,000
Rest of the world Keynote 90 minutes   7,500
Half-day Up to 4 hours   7,500
Full-day Up to 8 hours   7,500

A non-refundable deposit of 25% is required for all bookings by new clients (this excludes clients of good standing that have used Rajen Devadason as a speaker before). The remaining 75% (or 100% in the case of those long-term clients) should be paid within ONE WEEK of receipt of the post-event invoice.

Meeting Planners, please note:

*   Please email rajen@RajenDevadason.com (or use the form below) for genuine queries.
** Plane tickets (where relevant) must be bought and paid for by the client, and then emailed or couriered to Rajen in plenty of time for the event.


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