Deciphering The DCA-VCA Code

Let’s face it; the human race simmers in discontent!

Most of us can benefit from attempts to lose weight, save consistently, control our temper, regain lost fitness, and invest more intelligently.

Although this is an article aimed at simply and methodically making you aware of useful investment strategies, I do realise that you have other concerns in life, as well. That’s why my e-book, 5 Steps to a Saner Life is designed to provide quick, multi-dimensional help to people who hunger to get better in many areas.

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Soar As High As You Like – But For God's Sake, Get Your Safety Net In Place First!

Have you ever been to the circus and watched aerial artistes go through their motions on a high wire act?

If so, you should also have noticed, at least in passing, that the safety net strung out directly below the acrobats serves a rather important function.

To succeed in our financial lives, we too need a ‘safety net’. In my Malaysia-based financial planning practice, I insist that each carefully selected client puts in place a reserve fund of between 3 and 12 months’ expenses.

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Escape Those Pesky Time Bandits – Fill Up On Big Rocks

We all want to accomplish great things with our lives.

That is why as each year draws to a close, most of us gear up for the New Year with myriad resolutions swirling around our skull. It is part of our entrenched cycle of renewal.

But this practice of setting New Year Resolutions can backfire on us.

You see, many people start off early in life making these resolutions with a great deal of enthusiasm every January 1st.

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Don't Let Go Of Your Dreams – Not Again!

You wake up screaming!

Your spouse calms you down; reassuring you it was just another nightmare.

Even as you settle back and start drifting into slumber again, you wonder why the only dreams you have nowadays are bad ones.

What happened to your once fertile imagination that was able to conjure exciting, almost always enjoyable dreams; pleasurable mental movies you could play against the screen of your inner eyelids day or night, awake or asleep?

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